Meet Hannah, a 6th Grade Super Student! Thanks to the Kumon program

Meet Hannah, a 6th Grade Super Student! Thanks to the Kumon program

Hannah B. is a 6th Grader at Westgate Christian School in Tigard. This super student is working towards being one year above grade level in math before she gets to 7th Grade and is three months away from achieving this goal in Kumon. Being one year above grade level in math before going into 7th Grade will mean that Hannah has mastered math work through Algebra.

When Hannah isn’t working towards her math goal, she loves to play with her younger brother Isaiah and drive their dog Bolt crazy during their play time. She enjoys reading her Bible and taking part in Church activities.

Every year she competes in spelling bee competitions at her school. She loves to swim and is currently at swim team level. Hannah plays Piano/ Violin at church and she loves to play flute for her school band.

Outside of school activities she is learning to code, loves to travel with her family and recently she has started taking over different projects using Origami. She is looking forward to camping adventures once summer break starts.

Her parents say that, “Kumon has definitely helped form good habits in regards to time management. She likes the fact that she is excelling in Math in her class and understands that it is a direct result of practicing her Kumon Math skills at home every day.”

Keep up the great work Hannah!

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