Meet Jack Deppa: another hero emerges A man with a positively positive attitude

Meet Jack Deppa: another hero emerges A man with a positively positive attitude



Last month, Dirkse Counseling and Consulting was honored to highlight the heroic cleaning crusader Brianna who defends her workplace from chaos and closure in a battle against COVID. Thankfully, however, as our landscape seems besieged by trouble, other daring defenders arise. While some heroes disinfect common surfaces, others keep our essential businesses stocked with everything we need to overcome seemingly insurmountable incidents. Jack Deppa is the area’s newest hero to arise and help others in the face of peril.

Before donning his invisible cape and joining the squad at a local pharmacy, Jack went to Grant High School and Portland Public School’s Community Transition Program. Jack enjoys all aspects of job and engages in tasks like stocking vital medicines, ensuring products are fresh, and helping customers find indispensable items. Jack’s job coaches with Dirke have been proud to observe his incredible memory, attention to detail, and the positively positive attitude he projects.

Further proving that heroes never rest, Jack tends for several animals at home including dogs, goats, and guinea pigs. Jack has also participated in the Special Olympics, works at a horse stable where he enjoys perks like riding, and is a loyal friend and family member.  Jack, however, is never too busy to enjoy the little things that many of us take for granted. Dirkse values the opportunity to support Jack in the early stages of his employment journey.


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