Meet Joseph, a very super student! Thanks to Kumon of South Beaverton

Meet Joseph, a very super student! Thanks to Kumon of South Beaverton

Joseph’s competitive edge and sharp math skills have taken him to the next level, both in and out of the classroom. As an avid competitor for his middle school, Joseph has consistently been leading his team in math competitions.

From an early age, he has learned that success doesn’t come without hard work. While Joseph is an active member on his school’s swim team and is an accomplished pianist, he remains focused on his schoolwork first. Ever since Joseph’s parents enrolled him in Kumon at the early age of three years old, he quickly saw the benefits in his increased focus and determination.

“In Kumon, I’ve learned that good work habits are key to becoming successful in life. In my case, there’s no playing until I finish my work, and I remind myself to remain focused on whatever I am working on,” said Joseph.

“I would like to be a successful neurosurgeon one day,” said Joseph. “One of the reasons why I want to become a neurosurgeon is because my younger sister was born with a genetic condition which causes her to have developmental delays. I want to help her and many others who suffer from these types of conditions when I grow up.”

What is Kumon?

Kumon is the world’s largest after-school math and reading program. The Kumon Method has helped millions of children achieve more than they ever thought they could. We believe it can help your child, too. At Kumon, your child will build skills that lead to success inside and outside the classroom while gaining a sense of confidence that will help them in the classroom and beyond. To schedule a free placement test please call 503-639-7219.