Meet Katrina Rodgiguez, Victim Services Coordinator

Meet Katrina Rodgiguez, Victim Services Coordinator



Meet BPD’s Victim Services Coordinator Katrina Rodriguez. Since 2011, she has served thousands of crime victims. The majority are adult victims of person crimes such as assault, domestic violence, sexual assault, and robbery.

Much of Katrina’s time is spent in a direct advocacy role supporting crime victims by offering emotional support, information about the criminal justice process, and connecting victims to available community resources.

Katrina serves our diverse community by utilizing interpreters and connecting victims to ongoing culturally specific and responsive services.

Katrina also coordinates emergency victim resources for our department, maintains relationships with numerous community partners, and oversees community education and awareness events in relation to victim services.

“We are so thankful to have a full-time position dedicated to victim advocacy,” said Chief Ronda Groshong. “It allows us to spend the extra time needed to connect victims with the resources they need and assist victims through the criminal justice process. We have seen it have a major impact on so many lives.”

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