Meet Lydia, a very super student, “I love science!”

Meet Lydia, a very super student, “I love science!”



Lydia Greene is a very happy 4th grader attending Hiteon Elementary. She is a very super student having just received a Kumon platinum award for being 4 years above grade level! “I have been recognized at school with a Certificate of Responsibility and serve as a member of the Green Team. And last year, my dance team placed Diamond at the Spotlight Dance Competition for Heartbeat Drumbeat and Mr. Sandman.”

Outside of school, Lydia is part of the Junior Dance Company at Encore Performing Arts Center. She dances competitively in both jazz and contemporary styles. In addition, she also enjoys playing the piano. “My favorite songs to play are The Scientist by Coldplay and Fur Elise by Beethoven. When I am not dancing, I enjoy reading, crafting and playing outside.”

“I love science! When I grow up, I want to be a scientist and work in a research lab. Other things I enjoy doing outside of school are playing Roblox, eating sushi and listening to my favorite podcast Smash Boom Best.”

Lydia’s advice for other kids: “Just like Kumon, schoolwork can be challenging. I like it but if you don’t, try your hardest. It doesn’t matter if you get it right or wrong, as long as you try and learn from your mistakes.”

Message from Lydia’s mom about Kumon

“Kumon is about rigor and high expectations. Kumon also creates a supportive and safe environment for students to learn, grow and meet those expectations. Kumon has been a great confidence booster for Lydia. As a result, she sees herself as a mathematician and scientist. Lydia perseveres when she cannot solve a problem and accepts challenges head on. What I would tell other parents about Kumon is that it strengthens skills in children so they can succeed both in and out of school. Embrace the structure, routines and be diligent and consistent as much as possible because old or young, we can all do hard things!


Kumon of South Beaverton is located in Progress Ridge next to the theater (12325 SW Horizon Blvd, Ste. #221). To schedule a free placement test please call 503-639-7219.