Meet Mizuki, a very super student, completing 12th grade reading

Meet Mizuki, a very super student, completing 12th grade reading

Meet Mizuki Wong, a 9th grader at Mountainside High School. Mizuki is a super student by completing a very challenging Kumon reading program as a freshman. This program helps to advance a student’s reading abilities and critical thinking skills in order to prepare them for more rigorous college courses.

According to their local Kumon center in Progress Ridge, “through the study of advanced literature, your child will analyze and interpret diverse information in complex texts, from literary criticism to academic, social and political commentary.”

Meet Mizuki: Since I started Kumon at age 5, I’ve been in the program almost my whole life and I’ve learned quite a lot. Completing the reading program is a great achievement. It taught me the excellent lesson that amazing things can happen when you persevere.

Completing the program has not been easy. In fact, there were plenty of tough times, but once you get through something difficult, it feels incredibly freeing!

I think Kumon is a fantastic after-school activity for any student wanting to get ahead. Because of this program, I was exposed to a wide variety of books on a wide variety subjects, both classic and modern. I would never have read such books on my own.

Now that I’m finished with the reading program, I can concentrate on completing the math program, too.


Kumon of South Beaverton is located in Progress Ridge next to the theater (12325 SW Horizon Blvd, Ste. #221). To schedule a free placement test please call 503-639-7219.