Meet Nancy, a very super student! Thanks to Kumon of South Beaverton

Meet Nancy, a very super student! Thanks to Kumon of South Beaverton

At 12-years-old, many would say that Nancy’s values are aligned with those of adults more than twice her age. While many of her peers count down the minutes to the end of the school day, Nancy uses that time to challenge herself consistently – and that doesn’t stop when school bell rings. This sixth grader’s week is packed with juggling numerous extracurricular activities and commitments.

She has particularly developed a love for Greek Classic Dance, a passion that she has pursued since just three years old. Although Nancy is the youngest performer in her group, she channels her discipline and perseverance to keep up with her team.

“I break the dance steps into parts, just like in a math problem, in order to master the performance,” said Nancy. “Every Sunday, I look forward to going to dance practice because I enjoy learning something new or perfecting something old, just like I do each week in Kumon.”

Nancy attributes much of her drive to her time in the Kumon Math Program. Her parents enrolled her in Kumon when she was only six years old, and she has since advanced to studying three years beyond her grade level. A goal that keeps her motivated to finish the program, is the possibility of giving back and helping others develop a love for learning.

When she’s not perfecting her Greek Dance technique, Nancy also does competitive swimming and diving, competitive soccer and basketball, sings in a choir, and participates in band.

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