Meet Shaayan, a 7-year-old super student (Thanks to the Kumon program)

Meet Shaayan, a 7-year-old super student (Thanks to the Kumon program)

Shaayan is 7-years-old and a 2nd grader at Scholls Heights Elementary School. This super student has benefited from the Kumon program and is working one year above grade level which means he is mastering multiplication and division and doing independent sentence development. Shaayan won Star Student of the month last year.

When he isn’t excelling in school, he enjoys swimming, skiing and theater acting and has recently received the Tiger Rank in Cub Scouts.

Shaayan is interested in math and reading books, space and Google maps. He loves to explore and travel too!

Shaayan’s parents emphasize with him to be patient with Kumon as it helps him do well in school by focusing on gaining a strong fundamental understanding of math and reading.

Hang in there Shaayan, you’re doing great!

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