Meet Super Kids Aarav, Pranav & Darsh: keep up the good work boys!

Meet Super Kids Aarav, Pranav & Darsh: keep up the good work boys!



When the COVID-19 Pandemic shut down much of the world in March of 2020, students across North America abruptly transitioned to carrying out both schoolwork and other hobbies at home.

While familiarizing themselves with this new and temporary way of life was no easy task, three extraordinary students decided to take on an additional challenge. The students, who are all enrolled at Kumon and are between the ages of 11 and 13, took the opportunity to spread a love for learning through self-produced podcasts and comprehensive videos distributed via social media.

Two of the three students, Aarav and Pranav, collaborated to start a podcast titled “Life’s Biggest Questions for Kids” that is dedicated to teaching peers of their own age group about various topics. The idea was sparked by Aarav, who participated in an enrichment program virtually over the summer that taught him all about the art of podcasting. He was inspired to act, and with Pranav, did just that throughout their time at home quarantining. We had a chance to speak to these trailblazers more about their podcast and future goals.


Here’s what they had to say about their experiences and how Kumon has helped them tackle these new projects and challenges:

  • Pranav: My favorite study habit that I’ve gained through Kumon is about setting the right time for doing my work and making sure that I do everything on time. This has made me more responsible and has made me a better learner overall.
  • Aarav: Being part of Kumon for years has helped me to set a routine and core habits of being independent and responsible for my work. This also helped me to be an organized person who can apply this to other work I have to do for school, or even the podcast!
  • Darsh: The third student in the group was similarly inspired to educate others after an experience mapping out a concept to his younger brother. The desire to spread his knack for teaching to others all around the world led the brothers to start their joint educational YouTube channel called “D Brothers.” Much of the content on their channel revolves around complex mathematical concepts, such as learning factorials, the meaning of absolute value, and dividing fractions.

It’s clear that the desire to give back to their peers coupled with the power of social media has allowed these extraordinary students to educate others during such an uncertain time.


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