Meet the Beaverton OR History Association and learn about our city, “Place of the Beaver”

Meet the Beaverton OR History Association and learn about our city, “Place of the Beaver”



In the beginning, the Atfalati subgroup of the Indigenous Kalapuya established permanent and temporary villages in the area we now call home. One of settlements was Chakeipi, “the place of the beaver.” Beaverton is the modern-day location. Fast forward to the present, from the westward migration through coming of age to expansion into a commuter suburb, diversity of cultures, and new economic drivers that bring vitality. These are the stories that bring us together. A new organization is dedicated to telling them.

Several local residents organized Beaverton OR History Association (BOHA) in April 2022 to celebrate, document, and share the city’s heritage: past, present, and future. They are partnering with school, business, and other historical organizations to inspire and provide educational opportunities that engage the community.

BOHA is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit that relies on interested individuals of all ages and backgrounds to contribute time, talent and financial support. The group is seeking additional members to serve on the Board of Directors, and the general public who would like to work on current or proposed projects and programs and help achieve their purpose that brings history to life. They hope to eventually secure an office and establish a research library.

The Cultural Coalition of Washington County recently granted BOHA funds to establish a website that will strengthen public awareness of the area’s rich history and encourage the public to tell their stories. The grant also funds the creation and publication of colorful, professional, then-and- now postcards summarizing BOHA mission and plans.

The association meets monthly at Beaverton Library, Main Branch on the third Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.


For more information, visit us at, email or call 971-329-9861.