Melanie Discovers her job Through the Dirkse CC Discovery Service

Melanie Discovers her job Through the Dirkse CC Discovery Service

When it comes to job searching, it can be hard to figure out what you want to do. There are so many choices available, but many of them rely on having prior experience or related skills, making it difficult to know where to begin with your employment search. This is especially an issue for first-time job seekers and can be even more difficult for first-time job seekers with disabilities.

In August, we featured Jenecia Lawson, a Dirkse CC client who participated in Discovery, a service that gives a job seeker the ability to explore their skills, likes, and dislikes to give them and their job developer a better idea of what kinds of jobs would be a great fit. While not every person who works with agencies likes Dirkse CC participates in Discovery, it’s a great option for those that are struggling to figure out what jobs they’d enjoy and can sometimes open doors that lead directly to employment.

Last spring, Beaverton Community Transition Program graduate, Melanie Beach participated in Discovery with Dirkse CC Discovery Specialist, Tara McIntosh, just as Jenecia had. Armed with the knowledge that Melanie excelled in organizing and cleaning and preferred a quiet environment, Tara found a position a local Beaverton restaurant doing just that. Today, Melanie is employed part-time as a Utility Worker, washing windows, rolling silverware, and wiping down menus before the restaurant opens. She greets her job coaches each shift with a big smile, eager to work on her tasks and appreciating the flexibility to work at her own pace and in one of her favorite environments – a calm and quiet one. When asked how it’s been to work with Melanie from the beginning of her employment journey to now, Tara McIntosh says, “Melanie is truly a joy to work with. I’ve never seen someone clean windows as well as Melanie while having as much fun as she does. It’s been nice to see her put her skills to use for an establishment that provides an inclusive, safe, and friendly working environment.”

If your business would like to be more inclusive to people with different abilities, matching skill sets to your business needs, please reach out to Cindy Bahl, Director of Business Development & Amplify! Events at or call 503-258-7715.

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