Message from Lacey Beaty, Mayoral Candidate

Message from Lacey Beaty, Mayoral Candidate

During a high-stakes Presidential election many are focused on that race. Getting Trump out of office matters greatly, but your mayoral election matters too.

When so many people are experiencing economic and housing instability, it is the Mayor that can catalyze a regional response to these needs – or, like Mayor Doyle, take big money from big developers and focus on big hotels that do nothing to increase affordability for those who live here.

When so many people are crying out for racial justice and reimagining policing, it is the Mayor that can either lead the charge for change – or, like Mayor Doyle, maintain the status quo.

When so many people are demanding climate action, it is the Mayor who can give our climate plan some real teeth – or, like Mayor Doyle, allow it to exist without meaningful oversight and accountability.

Vote down the ballot and join Beaverton City Councilors Marc San Soucie and Cate Arnold in voting for new leadership.

~ Lacey Beaty

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