Message from Lacey Beaty – Mayoral Candidate

Message from Lacey Beaty – Mayoral Candidate

You have a choice this election. I’m asking you to choose a more inclusive, transparent city hall.

These aren’t just words to me. This is how I’ve led as city councilor. I know that the best solutions will come from outside city hall. That’s why I’ve engaged community members on affordable housing, healthcare, climate action, human rights and racial justice.

This is the defining difference between me and my opponent. From cozy financial relationships with private developers – to refusing to engage in public discussions on police and use of force, Denny’s unwillingness to lead with openness and transparency is exactly why Beaverton needs a new leader.

Big hotels do nothing to make Beaverton more affordable for the families that live here now – and banning chokeholds and shooting at moving vehicles are must-do police reforms. People’s lives are on the line.

It’s time to shift the status quo, from one centered on those who’ve always had access to city hall to one focused on everyone outside city hall.

~ Lacey Beaty