Messages from our Mayoral Candidates. Remember to vote this November

Messages from our Mayoral Candidates. Remember to vote this November

Denny Doyle

Thank you for your strong support this May. As we head to November, it would be an honor to have your vote again or to earn your vote.

As a city, we continue to endure the impacts of COVID-19, and are working to recover our economy and ensure that the people who need help the most receive it.

We are also experiencing a powerful movement in support of black lives. Systemic racism is a deeply ingrained issue and it cannot be tolerated – not in our city, not anywhere. To the members of our Black and Brown communities: we stand with you. You are not alone.

I will use my privilege, as a white person, as a man, and my power as your Mayor, to advocate for reform, to fight against injustice, and to elevate voices in our community that haven’t been heard. Black lives matter. Your life matters.

~ Denny Doyle

Lacey Beaty

Beaverton, action is needed. We cannot pretend that we are somehow different. That’s why I started a conversation about use-of-force policies that guide our police officer’s community interactions.

And I’m going to be honest with you: the first conversation did not go well. I was met with defensiveness – instead of a shared understanding that this is about positive change and prevention.

For example, I believe we should ban chokeholds and shooting at moving vehicles. When I asked the police chief what training our officers receive on those tactics, she said those are not included.

Really? Our police chief just said our officers are not trained on permissible tactics that could kill innocent people? That is not okay.

Look, police officers have become everyone’s everything. Imagine if you called 911, the services you actually needed showed up. Medical teams for medical emergencies. Social workers for domestic disputes. And police officers when confronted with danger, but who focus on de-escalation.

That’s what I’m fighting for.

~ Lacey Beaty