Miles of trails, all year round makes Beaverton an outdoor-friendly place to live

Miles of trails, all year round makes Beaverton an outdoor-friendly place to live

The turn of a new year means many people will start to reflect on their past goals and make new ones as well.

However, it is obvious that several won’t be heading on their New Year’s resolution’s path with a running start; maintained closures of schools, gyms, and social events are still in effect. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any ways to be active during the dark winter days, though.

The Westside Trail is one of the 64 regional trails in the larger metro area and it is a great way to stay active. Accessible to those who walk, run or cycle, the 6-mile path runs from the Tigard city limits to the Tualatin Hills Nature Park.

According to THPRD, it is one of the most popular at 100,000 users a year. Continued plans are being written up for the construction of a bridge across Highway 26 which would lengthen the trail to over 25 miles in Bethany and Hillsboro. Plans to extend the trail south to Sherwood are also mentioned in the Westside Trail Master Plan.

In December, I biked the trail from Murrayhill to Bethany and it made me appreciate the well-maintained park system that we have available to us. The efforts that are put into the construction of our regional trails definitely helps anchor our community’s image as a clean and outdoor-friendly place to live.

Shion is a junior at Southridge high school and enjoys playing the trumpet, baseball and hiking.

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