Moms, where would we be without you? No really…

Moms, where would we be without you? No really…



Since it is May, thoughts turn to mom. Afterall, Mother’s Day is in May. Dads and their children work to pamper mom with handmade cards, gift certificates for massage, breakfast in bed and more. A question that often gets overlooked however, is “How is mom’s health?”

Now understand, I am not a mom. I do have children that have a mom and a stepmom. I also have been taking care of moms in my practice for over 31 years. So, I do have some awareness into the health of a mom.

From frequent sleepless nights, carrying infants and toddlers, to potty training, to cooking and cleaning, plus often times working a full-time job too – moms get tired! With this fatigue, moms get run down. When this happens – moms get sick. Now I’m not talking about a ‘simple’ cold or cough. Few moms have time for those and wouldn’t let on if they were struggling with these anyway.

What I’m referring to is serious, long time developing illnesses. Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes just to name a few. High levels of stress contribute to chronic health conditions. The less the stress, the lower the risk of developing major health issues – or aggravating them if they already exist.

For you moms out there – it is ok to stop once in a while and rest. Now I can hear some of you say, “But you don’t understand!” You are right, I don’t. Every situation is differently difficult. I was primarily raised by a single mom and saw the struggles and sacrifices that she made. At the same time, if you don’t take time out for you once in a while, it will potentially have life altering consequences.


Moms, it is okay to ask for help!

It may be humbling, but it is okay. I believe that we should support each other in community. Whether in your neighborhood, your church, or a friend of your child, there is someone that can offer you the helping hand you need.

To the kids reading this – you are asking how can we truly honor our mom? Simply do so every day, 365 days a year.

If you are still living at home, show your mom love regularly. Take some initiative to help out around the house. Cleaning your room as a ‘gift’ for mom on Mother’s Day is nice, but how about keeping your room clean all the time? You could do the dishes a night or two per week. If you want to get fancy, plan and prepare a meal once every couple of weeks. Another helpful idea –  don’t add more work to your mom’s already busy workload.

For those of you that have moved out of the house – call your mom! Not necessarily every day, but regularly. Once every week or two would be nice. You can continue to show her some love even though you are not under the same roof. An unexpected card, or bouquet of flowers would be a welcome treat for your mom. (By the way – dads like to hear from their children too.)

Whether you are reading this in May, or a reprint thereafter, know that it is never too late to show your mom know how much you care!


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Dr. Dan Miller has been serving the Beaverton area since 1992. He has long held the belief that good health begins before birth.