Monaco Travel log: It was so peaceful!

Monaco Travel log: It was so peaceful!
  • Area: 499 acres
  • Population: 38,695
  • Official Language: French
  • Administrative Center: Monte Carlo

As one of my bucket-list places to see, it was a pleasant surprise. I really didn’t know what to expect of this small principality.  As we arrived into the port, I was greeted with sunshine and anticipation. But the one thing I’ll remember most was how exceptionally quiet Monte Carlo was.

After viewing the inside of the Saint Nicholas Cathedral, we went outside and sat down on the steps of the church and despite the many other tourists, I could close my eyes and feel just a whisper of the wind. I could hear the sounds of birds chirping and feel the sun warming my face. I was almost lulled to sleep it was so peaceful!

Some interesting facts about Monaco are the name of the neighborhoods. The city of Monte Carlo is one of these. Monte Carlo is not the capital of the country as I found out. It’s actually in a neighborhood known as the ‘Monaco-Ville (or Le Rocher), which is the large promontory where the medieval OLD TOWN, the Oceanographic Museum and the Prince’s Palace is located, overlooking the sea.

With the marriage of actress Grace Kelly (and her much needed clout), the tax-free haven caught the attention of the ‘right people’ to the country.

The Grace Kelly Museum is a must see for anyone visiting Monte Carlo. They rope off parts of the palace and ‘route’ you through the majestic and very elegant museum. Even without taking pictures (no photos allowed), it’s a very memorable visit ending with the full-length portrait of Grace Kelly herself.

From the friendliness of the people to the glamourous yachts, plan to spend one or two days here in order to take in all the sites.

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