Moving at a Mature Age: It doesn’t have to be stressful

Moving at a Mature Age: It doesn’t have to be stressful



Moving in general is one of life’s top 5 stressful events in general let alone as we get older. Why is that? Packing, sorting, arranging all become paralyzing and tiresome. It is a physical and emotional journey. Top that with, if the need to move is immediate due to unexpected health challenges or the passing of a loved one.


What can be done to make moving less overwhelming?

Plan! The other night I chopped all my vegetables and had them in containers so I could easily make a lunch or dinner that was healthy, instead of coming home tired and eating poorly. It worked because I had planned. Planning is foundational to making processes work smoothly and effortlessly.


Preparing to move automatically helps you to sell.

The removal of unwanted, or items no longer being used, helps immensely for the home to shine and flow better. Flow is important in the experience of a buyer. When a buyer can see themselves in a home, they become emotionally engaged and buyers buy on emotion. The flow of a home is akin to wearing a favorite outfit: it feels good, it looks good and it makes sense.


It is never too early to plan to sell your home

Whether you are 6 months out or even one year before you plan to sell, there are always things to plan for. There will always be small and large deferred maintenance that will need to be addressed. Especially now, while contractors are very busy, planning is even more important as they tend to be anywhere from weeks to months out before being able to complete a job.

Downsizing items can be time consuming and more manageable when done over a period of time versus needing to be done in an immediate and hectic atmosphere making decisions on what to keep and not to keep much more difficult.

Need help in planning to sell your home or downsizing? Let us know. We will help make it more seamless!


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