Moving Forward: Have you received your COVID-19 vaccination yet?

Moving Forward: Have you received your COVID-19 vaccination yet?


With restrictions mostly lifted, we’ve been able to return to some of the activities we enjoy. But there are many in our community who are ineligible or not yet eligible, and that means it’s even more important for eligible folks to do their part.

I’m looking forward to in-person activities like community forums, concerts, and sporting events. I think many of us have observed how while we’re grateful for our digital connections and tools, nothing compares to being physically present with other humans.

I do hope, though, that we won’t just go back to all the ways we used to do things. I hope we’ll take what we’ve learned throughout the pandemic and apply some of the most creative and best practices to how we do things going forward. One of the things that means for City Council is we’ll likely have to figure out how to hold hybrid public meetings. We have regularly had higher attendance at City Council meetings via Zoom than we used to have in person. I know it will be challenging – both in terms of setup and ongoing logistics, but it’s now a proven way to remove barriers to access for many in our community. What are you planning to do differently going forward? Let me know:


Lacey Beaty was elected Beaverton’s Mayor in 2020. Prior to serving as Mayor, she served for six years on Beaverton City Council.