My dreams seem so real! What I learned about Lucid Dreaming

My dreams seem so real! What I learned about Lucid Dreaming

Hello fellow teens!

Do you ever get those dreams where you can control your actions? If you have, then you’ve experienced what is called a lucid dream.

A lucid dream is when the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming. I frequently experience lucid dreams, and after a particularly terrifying lucid nightmare as I had a little while ago, I finally decided to learn more about them.

Lucid dreaming happens during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep. While in REM, your brain is extremely active, and can trigger these lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are usually very pleasant for the dreamer, because they allow them to do whatever they want, most of the time being things that aren’t physically possible in the real world.

A lot of people also use these strange phenomena to overcome their fears. In lucid dreaming, you are able to introduce yourself to your fears, in a controlled yet “real” environment. It can be scary at first, but can be powerful in relieving anxiety once you can control it.

If I’m being honest, I don’t know if I have any helpful tips on how to induce lucid dreams, since they come to me naturally. A few things that I suggest though if you’re interested is first of all, try to be aware of falling asleep. Something I do often is as I’m trying to sleep, I constantly think, “Am I falling asleep right now?”. When you’re aware you’re falling asleep, it’s much easier to be aware that you’re dreaming.

Also, try to be in a relaxing environment and follow a regular sleep schedule. One more thing to keep in mind is lucid dreaming can cause sleep paralysis or nightmares, so attempt it at your own risk.

I hope these tips will help you if you’re ever looking to experience a lucid dream!

Kili is a junior at Mountainside High School. She loves singing, playing piano and ukulele, and also running track and field.