My favorite quotes: Let’s keep it simple… and deep

My favorite quotes: Let’s keep it simple… and deep



Over time, I have shared some thoughts with you, based on how I see the world.  Based on my experience as a manager, coach and business owner. THANK YOU for reading my ramblings and scribblings!

This month, I want to keep it simple, and just share some quotes with you I love:


Jenny finch

“You can’t control the circumstances.

You can control your attitude

and effort.”


“The difference between

ordinary & extraordinary…

Is that little extra!”



“Failure is a part of life.

Giving up however,

is not!”

Spencer Rubin

“The greatest gift you can give another person is…Time!

Under the umbrella of time, is:

inclusion, care, friendship, support, love, recognition and so much more.

When you gift someone your time,

you are giving them something you will never get back!”


  • Make it easy for people to do and keep doing business with you!
  • Look up…and surprise someone!

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“Don’t give up, don’t EVER give up” ~Coach Jim Valvano