New ideas for a new year

New ideas for a new year

A new year is often seen as a fresh start. You may be ready to move on to something new, but it can also be helpful to reflect on the past. Think about what went well, so you can continue doing that.

This can also be a chance to notice any patterns of behavior where you may be getting stuck. As you look ahead, think about where you would like to put your energy. If you want to be healthier, put more attention on cooking good food and exercising instead of working late and eating fast food.

As you think about making changes, remember that personal growth is a process. First, we have to consider if trying something new is going to be worth the effort. As we prepare to make a change in our behavior we start researching and preparing to do things differently. This could be looking up recipes to try and researching exercise classes. Once we have some ideas, we can start putting them into action.

Remember that making a change is hard work. It may take some experimenting to see what works best for you. It can be hard to let go of how you have been doing things. If you find yourself reverting back to old behaviors, think about why you wanted to make a change in the first place.

Want some more support creating a positive change? Counseling can be an opportunity to explore your current patterns of behavior and help you see where you can start making changes.

Camille Keith, MS, NCC is an LPC Intern under the supervision of Tara Sanderson PsyD, and provides individual counseling to help you clarify your values and maintain your sense of self in relationships. For more information, call (971) 295-1547 or visit