New murals coming to downtown and good news for bikers

New murals coming to downtown and good news for bikers

“How far did you bike to get here?” I asked the family of four as they rolled their bicycles into the 1st Street Dining Commons.

“From near Denny and Hall. About two miles.”

I had noticed their two young children, one of whom still had training wheels on her bike. As a bike rider myself, I am always curious how people get into downtown on their bikes, as many people are not as comfortable as I am riding in the street.

“We rode up Main Street. There is a path near some of it that is nice for riding away from traffic.”

Did you know there was a multi-use path connecting the downtown near the THPRD Aquatic Center to the neighborhoods south of downtown? The ride into downtown is simply stunning, and for the most part, it stays away from busy streets.

The BDA is working on getting more bike racks and bike repair stations in downtown so that accessing this community is easier if you don’t want to drive and find parking. We will reveal more information on those repair stations over the coming weeks.

We’ve also had the great fortune of supporting and witnessing the creation of Hampton Rodriguez’s mural on the side of the Nak Won building, and Susan Charnquist’s on the side of Ickabod’s. If you need a mental break from the chaos, you can find it here in the beauty of the hidden paths and great artwork throughout downtown. Come explore!

P.S. Heads up! We have several businesses coming soon!

  • 1st Street Pocha
  • Binary Brewing
  • Breakside Brewery
  • See See Motor Coffee Co.
  • Sizzle Pie
  • The Sudra

~ Kevin Teater

(Executive Director)

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