New teacher’s first day at Hazeldale for recent PSU graduate

New teacher’s first day at Hazeldale for recent PSU graduate



As students started their first day of school Tuesday, Dareyion Franklin, Mr. Franklin to his students, also started his first day as a teacher at Hazeldale Elementary School.

Franklin, a recent graduate of Portland State University, is one of 800 new hires in the Beaverton School District this year. He was a little nervous for his first day on the job.

“I’m just ready, ready for the kids,” he said. “Been a long time coming. Glad to have my first day in my classroom.

The PSU graduate took a long winding road to this moment. “I’m not going to cry but oh my god, I’m really a teacher,” he said.

Franklin actually struggled in school and dropped out of college for a while before going back. That taught him an invaluable lesson. “It feels like man I did something that I put my mind to and accomplished it,” he said.

It is a lesson he will pass on to his students for those times when a math problem might prove confounding or the meaning of the written word confusing.

On the first day of school, Franklin introduced himself to each and every student, putting his roughly 6′6 frame to their level so he can learn about them.

“Since I’m new here too I don’t even know where the library is. But it’s good cause the kids get to show me where it is. They can teach Mr. Franklin how everything is in our school. It feels good,” he said.

We wish all the students and Mr. Franklin on a successful school year.


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