New Year, New Possibilities… I see bright days ahead

New Year, New Possibilities… I see bright days ahead

Many of us have been waiting for the year 2020 to end thinking that with it, perhaps we will see an end to a very challenging episode in our communal life.

Well, how do you feel now? For some of us, we simply needed a new calendar year to take some action steps toward a brighter year ahead. For some others, simply thinking about this new year has provided a much needed mental and emotional breath of fresh air that we have so badly desired.

So, will this be the year to beat all previous years, or will we experience more of the same? Perhaps the reality of the situation may lie somewhere in between. But don’t let that distract us from the hope that naturally comes with each new year, regardless of whether we have been navigating a pandemic or not.

There are many reasons to be thankful that we have come thus far; there are many reasons to believe that, to borrow the words from the band Counting Crows, “…maybe this year will be better than the last.”

One thing our Vital Congregations task force has been discussing recently is how our community as a whole, our neighborhood, has been moving forward through the holiday season and into the new year, just as we all have adapted in one way or another.

What has been different about this year than last? What have you observed that you, or your family, or perhaps other families are doing that signals a new day, a new year, has arrived? Perhaps as we open our eyes to our neighbors around us this time of year, we may realize that we have so much that unites us in the days and year ahead.

Yes, I see bright days ahead, and I look forward to realizing and celebrating such days together with you in community!

Happy New Year to all!

~Pastor Jeff Binder

Rev. Jeff Binder is the Pastor at Valley Community Presbyterian Church. Visit us at: