Non-Profit Spotlight: Voices Set Free

The roots of domestic violence begin in childhood. Research has found that growing up in a violent home negatively wires a developing brain and often results in impairments in a person’s four key areas of life: physical health, mental health, behavior and relationships. The impact of childhood domestic violence (CDV) can have profound, lifelong implications.

In September 2017, Voices Set Free was awarded the CDV Toolkit by the Childhood Domestic Violence Association (CDVA). This Toolkit is a compilation of evidence-based, groundbreaking and essential tools developed by the CDVA in collaboration with the world’s leading researchers over the past decade to provide effective solutions for those impacted by CDV.

We offer monthly Introduction to Childhood Domestic Violence workshops as part of our CDV public awareness campaign, educating attendees about CDV, its impact, and the tools to mitigate against its negative effects in both children and adults. We provide advocacy for parents involved with DHS Child Welfare. Our staff includes a registered MSW that provides free counseling for children, teens, and adults impacted by family violence and trauma.

Since opening the Family Justice Center of Washington County in April 2018, through August 2018, we have had 2,475 visits from people seeking domestic violence services.

For more information or help, contact the Family Justice Center 503-430-8300 Please contact Voices Set Free or visit our webpage.