Now hiring direct support professionals: Join the Dirkse CC team!

Now hiring direct support professionals: Join the Dirkse CC team!



Rrrrr-Rrrrr-Rrrrr. You know that sound…the sound of a car with an old battery trying to start on a cold winter morning. These days, many businesses in the Beaverton area feel like that old car. March 2020 brought the full punch of the pandemic on employers, from the supply chain to the human resources side. As we entered 2021, there was hope on the horizon with effective vaccines becoming available and restrictions starting to loosen. Finally, on June 30th, the State of Oregon lifted all restrictions. So naturally, the engines of local businesses cranked up and purred like a kitten, right? WRONG.

There are many factors that appear to continue the drain on local businesses. Obviously, the Delta variant is having a major impact, but the current labor shortage has also led to rough re-starts for local businesses. As a job developer connecting with a variety of employers in different industries, this shortage of willing workers continues to be a major factor. Companies that can afford it are offering hiring and/or retention bonuses to attract workers, but not all businesses have this luxury, and many continue to struggle. All this is to say, please be kind, slow down if you can, and practice some patience when you are out supporting local Beaverton businesses. They may be shorthanded, but they are trying their hardest to meet demands.  They truly do want your business.

We are not immune! DCC is hiring Direct Support Professionals. If you are looking for work, have a High School Diploma and some experience (personal or professional) working with individuals with disabilities, please fax your resume and a brief cover letter to Jennifer at (503) 672-7668.


For more information about Dirkse’s mission and programs, please call (503)-265-9256.