One big cost of downsizing: Hauling it away

One big cost of downsizing: Hauling it away



Moving can be expensive especially if it has been years since moving, and I do mean years. Before Covid we were using non-profit organizations to come and pick up items for free but now we have hauling companies, which as an industry has seen significant growth. These companies provide a great service: some will take trash, as well as donations, and send you a receipt for taxes such as Junk King. Others will take just trash such as 360 Home Services NW.

Covid caused changes to the moving industry by stopping non-profits from being able to pick up donations. Currently, most are starting to charge a flat fee or place boundaries around their service areas. Over the two years of being sequestered to our homes, items have been piling up and people have been doing a deep seasonal cleaning to get rid of those unwanted items.


To understand the cost of hauling services, it is important to know that there are three dumps in the Portland Metro Area:

  1. Metro South Transfer Station,
  2. Lazio Landfill & Recycling
  3. and Metro Central Transfer Station.

The fee when dumping is a minimum of $40 and $140 per ton or 2,000 pounds. When getting rid of furniture, large appliances, books, trash, clothing and miscellaneous, the weight can add up fast. Anticipate anywhere from $550 to $2,000 on average depending on how much you may have. This number can be surprising when not anticipated.

The dump locations are often on the outskirts of town or on the opposite side of the river to where you may be located so the fee for gas is included in the pricing. It is an effective way to downsize items as it saves on energy, figuring out a way to transport items and allow for donations and trash to be addressed.

Stay tuned to this column where I’ll share another cost of moving, selling and downsizing so you can be prepared and stay on budget.


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