Operating with JOY works! Do you have it?



If you’re a business owner, a manager, a coach…you need JOY!

Recently, I was listening to a favorite podcast that I enjoy…and Jeff Bridges (the actor) was being interviewed.

I have always had a bit of a “man-crush” on Mr. Bridges. I think he is quite entertaining, talented, and funny.

When asked about what it was like growing up and acting with his actor father, Lloyd Bridges…one powerful attribute Jeff Bridges commented on regarding his father…was the joy he brought to every set he worked on. He reminisced about how everyone on set was so happy and excited. Not only did things simply get done…but people had a much more enjoyable time getting their work done. In fact, he said it was advice that his father gave him as well: If you have true joy in your work, you will bring happiness and positive energy to those you work with.


Ask yourself: Do you bring joy to work with you?

Do you have joy in what you do? When you bring positive energy to the workplace, you will contagiously share a power source with others! Joy is the like the flu (in a good way)…IT SPREADS!

Your employees, co-workers, and the people you manage will move through their business day with more happiness…a spring in their step…and they too will (hopefully) operate with joy. This leads to more productivity and job satisfaction. Operating with joy works! It’s powerful! It’s magnetic!

If you and your people show up to work on a daily basis…with joy for what you do…it attracts attention! Especially the attention of your customers…and that’s a good thing!

Have a JOYOUS Day!!!


  • Make it easy for people to do and keep doing business with you!
  • Look up…and surprise someone!


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