Our Town: Art Grants | Our City, Our Stories | New Shelter | Social Services Grants

Our Town: Art Grants | Our City, Our Stories | New Shelter | Social Services Grants



Beaverton Arts Grants and Youth Awards

Applications are available for a variety of grants and youth arts scholarships.


Youth Arts Awards

The city’s Arts Program is accepting applications for the Youth Arts Awards, a scholarship program that recognizes the accomplishments and academic pursuits of young and emerging artists in the performing and visual arts.

These scholarships encourage promising academic advancement and aim to help foster a diverse and flourishing arts community. Multiple scholarships, up to $2,500 each, will be awarded to high school seniors enrolled in K-12 traditional education settings as well as to students enrolled in non-traditional settings (i.e., home school) within Beaverton School District boundaries.

Our Emerging Talent Awards are non-monetary awards given to one high school junior per high school in the Beaverton School District. These awards recognize the growth and potential of these individuals and will serve to acknowledge their accomplishments in advance of their college/university applications or post-secondary studies.


Open Format Grants

Open Format Grants have a rolling deadline and award amounts up to $2,500 to arts and culture practitioners. These grants are intended to provide support for individuals and organizations that have needs not met by other traditional funding programs. We call it “open format” because we ask that applicants simply tell us what their most emergent and impactful needs are. Funds could be used to support studio, office, or venue rental; pay staff salaries; hire a consultant to lead strategic planning efforts for an organization; or any number of other reasons. You tell us what you need, and we will consider funding it.


Small Project Grants

Small Project Grants are intended to provide support for new or unanticipated projects and those with an urgent timeline — especially for individual or emerging artists, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ artists, students, or organizations new to the grant-making process. Projects could include programs or art activities that provide a public benefit to Beaverton residents.


Art Lives Here Community Grants 

The Arts Program is accepting applications for grant funding to support arts-related projects in Beaverton. Projects must serve residents of Beaverton. Those projects that provide opportunities to historically marginalized and/or underserved community members are most likely to be funded. Project duration may vary and could be a one-time placemaking event, performance or other artwork installation that is on display temporarily or permanently.


Arts Organizations and Projects — Large Grants

Arts Organizations and Projects grants are open only to 501(c)(3) organizations. Awards are available to organizations offering arts and culture-related programs, projects, and events that benefit Beaverton residents and that bring people together to experience and explore art, celebrate cultural diversity and inclusion, spur engagement and stewardship of art, and/or educate the community on the value of art.


Shelter Work Continues on Schedule

Construction on the new shelter is moving forward on schedule! Construction started in November with the removal of some interior fixtures, wiring, ceiling tiles, and most non-load bearing walls. Work planned to continue in the early part of this year includes work on the interior ceiling structure, seismic upgrades, interior wall framing, and some plumbing fixes.

Open Door Housing Works, the selected shelter operator, continues their work with Washington County to establish the contract for shelter operation and programming. The shelter is anticipated to open in late summer.

Visit the Beaverton Homeless Shelter webpage at www.BeavertonOregon.gov/Shelter for the latest construction photos, shelter design plan, photo renderings, and updates.


Our City, Our Stories Webpage Now Live

The new history webpage, Our City, Our Stories: An Expanded History of Beaverton, is live! The new city history page features an introduction, a section on the making of the project, and 11 chapters of expanded history connecting biographies of Beaverton BIPOC community members from past and present to the founding, growth, and success of Beaverton.

Our City, Our Stories is an antiracist history project that aims to address gaps in the historical record by centering people of color and other marginalized identities that have contributed to Beaverton’s development. The project was originally a city multi-departmental vision with contributions from Cultural Inclusion and Community Services, Library Services, Community Development, and Planning and Development. Throughout the project, the city worked closely with Five Oaks Museum, formerly the Washington County Historical Society.

The original history webpage featuring the contributions of European explorers, pioneers, and settlers, including the Denney’s, Hall’s, Allen’s, and others, remains available through a featured link on the new history webpage.

To learn more about the Our City, Our Stories project, or the history of Beaverton visit www.BeavertonOregon.gov/OurStories.


Learn More About Social Service Funding Grants

The opening of the Social Services Funding Grants (SSFG) process will be delayed until late spring 2024. Those seeking to apply for a grant should check the website regularly for updated information on the application opening dates or contact Community Services at MailboxCommServ@BeavertonOregon.gov.

Social Services Funding Grants are provided on an annual basis through a competitive process to nonprofit organizations addressing the needs of low-income Beaverton residents. Priorities currently target housing and homelessness, hunger, affordable after-school and educational programming, healthcare, and immigrant and refugee resources.


Learn more at www.BeavertonOregon.gov/SocialServices.