Our Town: Budget | City Council Priorities | Public Works Week | Water Quality Report

Our Town: Budget | City Council Priorities | Public Works Week | Water Quality Report

Fiscal Year 2024-25 Budget Development

As we proceed with budget preparation for fiscal year 2024-25, we look to build upon the city’s commitment to fiscal sustainability with new strategies and improvements in the way we operate to secure our long-term financial health. We do this with the recognition that fiscal year 2024-25 projects ongoing budget challenges, including an estimated $5 million general fund shortfall resulting from continued inflation, supply chain issues, rising costs, and modest revenue growth.

The city invests hundreds of millions of dollars each year in our community to maintain valuable services like public safety, roads, quality drinking water, the library, and so much more. To do this, the city is required to adopt a balanced operating and capital budget that aligns expenses with available resources.

Last year, the city embarked on an effort to improve its budget process. The City Council formed its first-ever fiscal sustainability subcommittee, developed budget principles to guide decision making, and created a fiscal sustainability plan to address long-term needs. We also hosted community sessions to improve transparency and encouraged participation that would help shape budget outcomes.

As a result of additional work, hard choices, and collaboration, we closed an unprecedented $10 million general fund gap, kept core services and operations going, and invested $465 million right back into our neighborhoods.

Community members are encouraged to stay up to date on budget development and learn more about how the budget works.

Visit www.BeavertonOregon.gov/Budget for an overview of the budget process, upcoming budget meetings, and additional resources.


Upcoming Budget Dates

  • May 7 Budget Committee Meeting
  • May 14 Budget Committee Meeting — Public Hearing
  • 4 City Council Meeting — Public Hearing

Want to learn more about the budget? See our new animated video at www.BeavertonOregon.gov/Budget for an overview of how the city’s budget is prepared, where city funding comes from, and how it’s spent.


Council Priorities and a Climate-Friendly Future

In Beaverton, we are striving toward a more sustainable future. From the creation of our Climate Action Task Force to diversifying our water to keep it abundant for future generations, Beaverton shows its dedication to the environment.

The City Council reaffirmed this commitment in March by naming four priority focus areas for the year ahead and adopting a two-year workplan:

  1. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging: explore, understand, and address multicultural needs.
  2. Community & Organizational Wellbeing: implement strategies to support a safe and thriving community and organization.
  3. Financial Recovery: implement strategies to support fiscal health, recovery, and economic prosperity.
  4. Natural Resources: facilitate and implement initiatives to conserve and restore natural resources and reduce energy consumption.

Initiatives to support our natural resources include expanding our public electric vehicle charging network, protecting natural areas and optimizing tree canopy in Cooper Mountain, and working to ensure our citywide development code follows state Climate Friendly and Equitable Community housing requirements.

In addition, an update to the Beaverton Climate Action Plan (BCAP) is planned to refine the city’s climate goals and update strategies to meet them. Since the BCAP was first adopted by the City Council in November 2019, there has been significant change to city leadership, the city’s structure, and economic, social, and environmental impacts in the community. The BCAP update will include both technical analysis and community engagement.

Concepts for the new plan include a longer duration, refined city climate goals and strategies to achieve them, and enhanced community partnerships. This project is currently in the planning phase. Work begins this spring and should be completed in 2025.

Community members can learn more about these projects and other ways the city is demonstrating its commitment to our natural resources in the May-June issue of the Your City newsletter, available at www.BeavertonOregon.gov/YourCity.


From Source to Tap: Do You Know Where Your Water Comes From?

In Beaverton, our primary source of drinking water is surface water from the upper Tualatin River provided via the Joint Water Commission (JWC) water treatment plant. The city shares JWC membership with the cities of Forest Grove and Hillsboro, as well as the Tualatin Valley Water District. Every day, the city has access to up to 18.75 million gallons (mgd) of this treated drinking water. In addition, the city owns the right to use up to 1.3 billion gallons in Scoggins Reservoir (Hagg Lake) and 1.4 billion gallons in Barney Reservoir, located on the Trask River in the Coast Range. From the fall to the summer each year, the city utilizes its 16 mgd water right on the upper Tualatin River.

In the summer, water from both the Barney and Scoggins reservoirs is released into the Tualatin River. Then, water downstream is pumped out and used as source water for the JWC water treatment plant. During periods of high water demand, the city can also supplement its supply with water from these sources, as well as up to 8 mgd with city-owned aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) wells. In the winter and spring, the city stores drinking water in the ASR wells and pumps water out of the deep wells for summer use to reduce use of important Tualatin River water.

Your water travels about 20 miles by pipeline from the treatment plant to the city’s storage reservoirs and then through a vast underground network of pipes to our homes, businesses, schools, parks, and other community assets. Our water distribution system never stops, ensuring that you receive quality drinking water when and where you need it.


Water Quality Report Released

The city’s 2024 water quality report, also known as a consumer confidence report,  is now available online.


Visit www.BeavertonOregon.gov/CCR. This report is available in other formats and languages. For more information, call 503-526-2208.