Pain. Community. Resilience. We will persevere, because this is our Beaverton

Pain. Community. Resilience. We will persevere, because this is our Beaverton

As I write this, it is Monday, March 16 and the governor has just required all restaurants and bars to close effective March 17, 2020 (takeout is still allowed). Businesses in downtown have already felt the pain and uncertainty of not knowing what may be coming next.

Sabastian Junger wrote in “Tribe” that it is often pain, difficulty, and trial that brings people together and builds community. We have seen that here in downtown Beaverton as businesses like Batter Up, Delectable Baked Goods, Lionheart Coffee Company, and Milk+T have all worked to provide food and drinks to those in need. We are rallying together.

But that doesn’t change the fact that this is just plain tough.

Many business owners have invested all they have in their businesses. And now they face unprecedented and unimaginable challenge. They need you.

Purchase gift cards. Order online. Request curbside pickup. These businesses are willing to adapt to the changing needs of our society. Will you stand with them?

All of the great stories involve a protagonist overcoming some impossible challenge. The challenge molds them and shapes them, just as this experience will mold and shape us.

But we have an opportunity choose.

We can choose hope above fear, local businesses above global goliaths, and community above emotional isolation. The choice is all of ours, and we will rise together.

  • This is the nature of community.
  • This is the nature of resilience.

We will persevere, because this is our Beaverton.


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