Partners in Surprise: February facilitates fondness for flowers, food & fun

Partners in Surprise: February facilitates fondness for flowers, food & fun



For most places that sell flowers, February is a banner month. It is usually reported as the month with the highest sales for cut flowers. Valentine’s Day is a big draw, but so is the need for color and fresh scents as we eagerly await spring.

I love giving and receiving flowers, and it always seems more special when they are a complete surprise. Give flowers because it’s Wednesday and sunny? Yes! Give a bouquet to a friend just because you were thinking about how lucky you are to have them in your life? Oh, yeah!

And it doesn’t have to be just flowers. The power of variable reinforcement schedules applies in so many ways! Unexpected positive surprises are always magical.

My guess is that nearly all of your local retailers and restaurants would enjoy working with you in creating this magic. They can be your special partners in delighting others.

The chef at your favorite restaurant may enjoy making a special dish or dessert for you and your guests. The staff at a local retailer can help you design and put together a special package of gifts or treats. Most artists cherish the opportunity to design and create a custom piece of work for a special occasion or person.

This personalized attention is one of the many reasons for shopping local. Take the time to get to know the people, their story, their successes, and their challenges. As you get to know them, they get to know you. And then, when you are looking for something special for yourself or someone else, they will be a fountain of ideas!

While a special order on the day or two before Valentine’s Day might be a stretch, with a bit more planning you can do something unique and memorable.


By Rob Routhieaux, Director of Small Business Support & Development. For more information about how your business can be involved or sponsorship opportunities, email us at or call, 503-644-0123.