Pets are People Too: Give Your Cat the Best Summer Ever

By Jennifer Keene

Consider a Catio to help your best feline friends enjoy this summer to the fullest.

What is a catio?

A catio is an outdoor enclosure for cats to safely enjoy fresh air, optimal sunbeams and the sights and sounds of nature all year round, while protecting them from cat fights, disease, cars, predators and pesticides (and without doing damage to the local native bird population). They range anywhere from removable window units the size of an air conditioner to full yard enclosures. They can be purchased ready-made, created as a do-it-yourself project or professionally designed and custom built.

Cats Safe at Home

Cats Safe at Home is a unique partnership between Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon, Audubon Society of Portland, Multnomah County Animal Services and Washington County Animal Services which works to humanely reduce the number of free-roaming cats in the Portland metropolitan area by integrating a range of strategies that are good for both cats and wildlife.

Especially for an indoor/outdoor cat or former feral, a catio can be a happy middle ground in providing them outdoor access and the enrichment they need while keeping them safe. With a catio you’ll also be helping to protect our local wildlife. More than 40 percent of the 3,000 animals brought to the Audubon Society of Portland’s Wildlife Care Center receive their wounds from cats. As Oregonians, we love our pets and we also care about native and endangered species.

Not sure where to start and need inspiration?

Tickets are on sale now for the 6th Annual Catio Tour on September 8th, 2018 from 10 am to 2 pm. The Catio Tour is a self-guided tour that showcases a variety of catios around the Portland Metro area. Catio owners and volunteers will be on hand to answer questions and discuss their designs. For tickets and other catio resources, go to

For more information about cat resources in Washington County, or if you have questions, go to The Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter is located at 1901 SE 24th Ave in Hillsboro.