Pets Make Phenomenal Best Friends and soon become part of the family

Pets Make Phenomenal Best Friends and soon become part of the family

As we age, leading a solitary life can affect our health in significant ways.  We can become more sedentary, which leads to joint pain, weight gain, and a less healthy diet.  Socializing less, which if Covid and the recent fires have taught us anything, we need people.  According to research by USC isolation increases the likelihood of mortality 26% comparable to smoking 15 packs of cigarettes a day. These are powerful statistics.

A beautiful way to combat loneliness and a languorous lifestyle is to have a pet.  Some of us are cat people, some of us are dog people.  There are other pet options such as fish or birds and all are wonderful.  They each have their attributes and their care needs that are important to consider when choosing.

Personally, I am a cat and dog lover and have two felines myself, both of which were strays.  What is lovely about cats is that they tend to self-care more so than dogs.  They do not require exterior walks, they often times love to cuddle and can enjoy sleeping with you.  They can wake you early when they are ready for breakfast.  One of my cats would press on the bed with his two front legs creating a bouncing motion, another pressing his paw on my face and another walks across me and turns around waiting until I get out of bed.  If I don’t, then he will jump off the bed and go back around, come up the other side and walk across me again.  They are very smart animals.

Dogs are extraordinary pets. They do require walks, which is a great way to get exercise.  This can add years to your life and add joy to your daily life. It also builds consistency in walking.  Dogs love to cuddle and provide a sense of security too as they often bark if someone comes to the door. Hence, they are known to be man’s best friend.

No matter the pet, they offer love, provide free entertainment, and truly become family.  If you decide to go this route, be sure you are able take care of the pet and they will certainly take care of you.

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