Pivoting for Success: Adapting and Adjusting is Nothing New for Many Clients of DCC

Pivoting for Success: Adapting and Adjusting is Nothing New for Many Clients of DCC

Helping Beaverton Get Back to Work

It’s a bit early to fully look back on 2020, but we can easily say that this year has given all of us here at DCC a new level of respect and appreciation for our clients.

While we’ve invested a lot of time and energy adapting and adjusting to new ways of living and working so that we can continue to effectively serve our clients and the agencies and employers we work alongside, we’ve been reminded that adjustment and adaptation is essentially a way of life for many of the clients we serve.

At the onset of Covid-19, we knew that the challenges and new restrictions our firm faced would make our work more difficult, but we also knew that those challenges could become serious barriers for clients. That fueled our motivation to take swift action and apply for resources available to small businesses through the Federal Cares Act. These resources helped us retain the majority of our talented staff, and continue the vital work of supporting our clients, many of whom were – and still are – working in essential settings.

Early on this year, like so many other businesses, we pivoted our services to online platforms so we could securely provide crucial support to our clients. We connected with each client to discuss the risks of continuing to work and made sure they fully understood the importance of adhering to safety standards and PPE protocols in their places of employment.

DCC has continued to take steps as needed – some swift, others measured – to ensure that we will be here for the long run, and continue fulfilling our promise to job seekers with disabilities and work in partnership with community leaders and employers who support and promote inclusion.

If your business would like to be more inclusive to people with different abilities, matching skill sets to your business needs, please reach out to Dirkse Counseling and Consulting, Inc. at 503-265-9256.