Police are teaming up with RING to help solve crime

Police are teaming up with RING to help solve crime

Law enforcement agencies around the metro area – including the Beaverton Police Department – are teaming up with RING, the company that makes popular doorbell cameras, to help solve crimes.

Using an application called “Neighbors,” people who have home security cameras can upload videos that show suspicious behavior and share them with their community.

Now, thanks to the partnership with RING, the company that owns and operates the Neighbors app, police officers and deputies can ask those same neighbors to help them with investigations.

“In fact, we can send a message out to a specified group and say, hey, anybody in this neighborhood happen to have some video on this date at this time, we are looking for such and such information,” said Officer Jeremy Shaw, a spokesman for the Beaverton Police Department.

Besides Beaverton police, both the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office also have partnerships with RING.

Officers won’t be able to access live feeds of security cameras, only what’s been voluntarily uploaded by homeowners.

Even so, they believe it will be a valuable new tool that will help close cases and put criminals behind bars.

“If we have video in court, I mean, that’s like gold,” said Shaw. “Video is worth a thousand words.”

Shaw said the new partnership hasn’t yet resulted in a specific crime being solved, but he said it’s only a matter of time before it does.

Homeowners with cameras interested in participating can download the Neighbors app and upload any video they think might be helpful, either to other neighbors or law enforcement.

Homeowners do not need to have a RING camera to participate in the Neighbors app.

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