Police Use of Force Policy Review, an in-depth assessment

Police Use of Force Policy Review, an in-depth assessment



Last year, the city contracted with Polis Solutions, Inc. to conduct a transparent, independent review of Beaverton Police Department (BPD) policies and practices related to the use of force. The review supports broader city goals of delivering accountable public safety services in a manner that fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The review process included an in-depth assessment of BPD’s policy manual, current trainings, and documentation, as well as statistical analysis on the use of force from the past five years. In addition, interviews were conducted with police officers, staff from throughout the organization, and various community stakeholders.

A final report with observations and 59 individual recommendations is now available and will be presented to City Council for further discussion at a later date. Findings recognize the professionalism and abilities that exist within BPD, while identifying opportunities to enhance engagement, build trust, and update key areas of the department’s policy manual to ensure it meets the unique needs of our community.

“This report clearly highlights that we have a strong foundation and tremendous talent,” said Chief Stacy Jepson. “It will be a useful tool in developing a comprehensive strategic plan that will help shape how we evolve our policy, enhance our training, and cultivate deeper and more meaningful relationships with the diverse community we serve.”

Once it becomes available, the upcoming City Council meeting date will be announced online.


Visit at www.BeavertonOregon.gov/Council. The final report and additional information can be found at www.BeavertonOregon.gov/UseOfForcePoliciesReview.