Poor Bee got stung by a worm, she deserves an amazing life

Poor Bee got stung by a worm, she deserves an amazing life



Bee is a 7-year-old girl that was adopted through another rescue that brings dogs up from California. Unfortunately, they do not do any kind of testing on the dogs and when she got here, she was coughing quite a bit. Her new adopter took her to the vet and found out she was heartworm positive.

Because of the high cost of heartworm treatment, we were contacted and asked to take over Bee’s care.

As quickly as we could, we got Bee into the Pacific Northwest Pet ER & Specialty Center for a cardiology consult and got an Ultrasound of her heart. We are told that her worm burden is quite high, but luckily there has not been any damage to the heart. She has begun the pre-treatment that she will be on for the next month, then she will have her first heartworm treatment in August.

Keep your good thoughts coming for Bee that she can fight this horrible disease.  She is such a sweetie and deserves an amazing life.

Once Bee has successfully shaken the heartworms, we’ll start the process of lining up the perfect home.


Keep an eye out for Bee’s availability. You can donate to Bee’s care through Venmo@pacificpugrescue or Paypal: donations@pacificpugrescue.org.