Public Safety Center Artwork, Artist has been selected

Public Safety Center Artwork, Artist has been selected

After a four-month selection process, artist Blessing Hancock was selected to create artwork for the new Beaverton Public Safety Center. This was a unanimous decision between the selection committee and the Beaverton Arts Commission.

Hancock currently resides in Olympia, Wash., and owns Skyrim Studio Inc., which focuses on site-specific sculptures. She utilizes her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture and Master of Arts in Liberal Studies in Landscape Architecture degrees to create innovative work for public spaces.

Hancock’s artwork can be seen in locations throughout the country, including San Antonio, Texas, West Palm Beach, Fla., and outside the Shute Park Library building in Hillsboro

By using standard materials in unexpected ways, she creates one-of-kind experiences for her clients. She finds inspiration in day-to-day encounters and is drawn to art as a tool for innovation and new experiences.

Through the inclusion of interactive opportunities to engage and participate with the artwork through touch, sound and movement, her concepts push the boundaries of the public experience. Light is a connective thread that runs through her work, and she believes in light’s ability to enliven a space.

Community engagement is an essential component of her work, and she has extensive experience working with community groups. A skilled teacher, she has a love of fostering talent in others. She has worked as a private art instructor, and enjoys involving interested parties of all ages in her work. Engagement is tailored to the project and each piece in her portfolio is an original, site-specific work that was ’born of place’ and speaks of the surrounding people and culture.

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