RAISE UP Downtown Beaverton kicks off with La Strada dei Pastelli, incredible chalk artists will amaze and delight

RAISE UP Downtown Beaverton kicks off with La Strada dei Pastelli, incredible chalk artists will amaze and delight



As we emerge from over a year of quarantine, the Beaverton Downtown Association (BDA) has a unique advantage of curating how in-person events will dazzle residents and visitors for years to come. One such example, is the upcoming La Strada dei Pastelli being held on August 13-14, a product of 2D4D.

The La Strada dei Pastelli chalk art event is a phenomenal and immersive experience with chalk artists coming from across the nation to make Beaverton downtown more vibrant and unique. The weekend will also feature live performances by local musicians and spoken word artists. This event is happening along SW 1st Street between SW Watson and SW Betts on the same days as the beloved Beaverton Night Market, which returns to the streets this year as well.

“La Strada dei Pastelli provides something for every age group. We have inspiration from all different art media from visual artists to the performing arts,” said Raziah Roushan, board president of 2D4D whose nonprofit arts organization is co-hosting the event. “Because we are collaborating with the Beaverton Night Market, local eateries will be providing international cuisines, highlighting and celebrating heritages from all various ethnic populations in Beaverton. The BDA is also providing support for La Strada dei Pastelli through its new RAISE UP Downtown Beaverton program.”

The BDA, a nonprofit organization, recently launched RAISE UP Downtown Beaverton, a community giving program where people can donate $10, $15, or $25 a month to support the downtown Beaverton district and the work it does to foster family-friendly and inspiring engagements such as La Strada dei Pastelli. Kevin Teater, executive director at the BDA shared his enthusiasm about the upcoming event and the opportunity that RAISE UP Downtown Beaverton has for the area.

“Everyone can support events such as La Strada de Pastelli by contributing to the RAISE UP Downtown Beaverton program with a monthly donation,” said Teater. “The BDA wants to continue to contribute our time, money, and resources into programs that people value. We love this event and hope it provides the perfect blend of relaxation, entertainment, and excitement for everyone in our community.”


For more information about this event and how to donate, see the information below.


About Beaverton Downtown Association

The Beaverton Downtown Association (BDA) was formed to enhance the community identity and heritage, foster a center of activity and ensure economic stability for the heart of downtown Beaverton. The BDA has produced events to bring people downtown and supported changes to downtown’s physical environment such as streetscape improvements, landscape enhancements, art, and new business signage. The BDA is a nonprofit organization. www.downtownbeaverton.org


About 2D4D:

2D4D is a nonprofit arts organization working to strengthen the region’s creative impact by helping artists and arts-leaders in the 2-dimensional and 4-dimensional (time-based) fields achieve greater potentials both individually and collectively. We believe that it is through our collective voice, works, and actions that the arts inspire, provoke, enhance, and contribute to the emotional and economic wellbeing of our region. 2D4D does this by providing free and low-cost classes, workshops, networking events, exhibition and performance opportunities each designed to expose the value, function, and necessity for social diversity and dialog. This is only possible by bridging interaction between the arts and non-arts communities to recognize that each supports the other. www.2d4d.org