Real Estate: Helpful holiday tips for your home showings

Real Estate: Helpful holiday tips for your home showings

By Kimberly Shute

Holidays are upon us and we are on our way to wrapping up 2018, which has been a transitional year for real estate.  If you have your home on the market, it can add additional stress with the calendar being a little fuller, cooking, shopping and entertaining. If you have your home on the market this month, following are key tips that can help you manage and enhance buyers viewing of your house.

The holidays bring a special spring in buyers’ steps as shopping is on many peoples’ minds and that even includes purchasing a home. Set the stage, literally, by tastefully adding even the slightest holiday décor such as poinsettias, scented pine candles or by adding even more with stockings on the fireplace, a decorated tree and a wreath on the door.  Keeping it simple, traditional and welcoming offers a special opportunity to heighten a buyer’s feel of the home.

To help you plan your day during this busy season, stipulate which days and times showings are allowed.

Remember not to clutter the home with ‘decorative ‘cheer.  Keeping wrapped gifts in a closet or in a large box that is easy to transport to the garage will help show off space.

Walking into a home that smells of fresh baked cookies or something sinfully delicious is a sure way to keep a buyer wanting to linger longer.  Having a few of those treats on a plate with a welcoming note doesn’t go amiss either.

And as we celebrate this time of year and enjoy our homes, please keep in mind those who are older and may not have family nearby, or may not be able to get out and enjoy festivities.  Invite them over, take them shopping or to a movie and remember the real reason for the season.

Wishing you a wonderful and blessed December!

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