Reduced supply at Beaverton Dealerships. If you are looking for a new car, your options may be limited

Reduced supply at Beaverton Dealerships. If you are looking for a new car, your options may be limited

Hello loyal Beaverton readers! Once again, a big thank you to everyone who have called or written in.

This month’s question was about the supply of new vehicles at local dealerships. With all manufacturers being closed for 3 months, the question has been on my mind as well so I did some research and made a few phone calls and here is what I was able to find out.

My first conversation was with the general manager of one very well know Beaverton dealership. In our conversation, the GM said point blank, “We’re going to run out of vehicles. So, to say [a particular vehicle] may not be here tomorrow is a reality… we just can’t go out tomorrow and find another one as quickly as we could, let’s say two months ago.”

This makes sense. Car and truck factories were on hold and not being built for over 3 months but while sales have been slow, people could still buy cars online and many did and this has depleted inventory at many dealerships around the city. So much so that even slow-moving vehicles like sedans are selling out and with no new inventory coming in, the challenge for dealerships continue. In fact, some of the inbound vehicles that do come in will be going to fill special order vehicles first. There is no doubt in my mind that it will remain this way for months.

When the country shut down for a few months, so did the big three auto manufactures of General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. But around the same time, they began offering zero-percent financing for up to 84 months plus payment deferrals for up to 120 days and it’s worked well, almost too well.

A GM of one local dealership told me that their inventory is getting thin saying, “Explorers edge’s Super Duty’s. Those particular lines… we’ll be out of first and I could see where it might be maybe a month where we don’t even have a Super-Duty on the lot to sell, unfortunately.”

He adds that they’ve had to get creative with how they park the vehicles on the lot in order to eat up more space. Aesthetics are important and a customer is less likely to stop if the lot looks empty.

“The Silverado Pickup is our big market,” this GM continues. “We got the light-duty half-tons. We normally have a hundred on the ground… we’re down to 14 or 13, I think, as of Saturday. We’ll probably run out of pickups literally within a couple weeks here.” And once this happens, customers who order a new vehicle from the factory will be waiting a while.

“A year ago, we were saying we could probably have your vehicle in six to eight weeks. Now it might be three to five months! We don’t really know. A lot of unknowns right now.”

“So, Ford opened their plant up last week and they basically told us that they’re filling sold orders and previous orders first. So, anything we order now probably won’t show up until closer to August, at the earliest. Even getting parts into our parts department is a challenge because some truckers aren’t driving. Some trucking companies don’t wanna truck so that’s changed our world as well,”

He adds that it’s also getting harder to do dealer trades (a practice of being able to trade with another dealership for the exact car you need for a customer) because the two sides can’t agree thanks to the limited selection one side may have.

Bottom line is if you are looking to purchase a new vehicle, get to your dealer soon and even then, be prepared to settle for car that is not your first choice in color, model or add-ons. Who would have ever thought that new vehicle dealerships would run completely out of cars? It is in fact happening.

Thank You for reading.

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