Reliable in Raleigh Hills: Carlo Umanzor takes pride working for Fred Meyer

Reliable in Raleigh Hills: Carlo Umanzor takes pride working for Fred Meyer



Over the past few months, Dirkse Counseling & Consulting has been proud to highlight local heroes who have chosen to obtain employment in uncertain times. These individuals did so in a time of great adversity to better themselves and support their communities. Such essential employees continue to prove that regardless of global pandemics or chaotic labor markets, hiring workers with disabilities can boost retention rates, promote long-term reliability, and ensure fair representation of a marginalized group in employment settings.

Carlo Umanzor takes pride in ensuring shopping carts are available for the patrons of Raleigh Hills Fred Meyer. Regardless of the Pacific NW weather, Carlo stays strong and ensures the experience of customers is consistent, friendly, and reliable from the parking lot to the check-out stand. An alumnus of both Beaverton High School and the Beaverton Community Transition Program, Carlo enlisted Dirkse to support with his job search and he has since become a valued, indispensable member of the Fred Meyer family.

When asked how having a job makes him feel, Carlo stated, “It makes me feel very proud of myself because I’m earning lots of money.” Carlo is quick to add, however, that he’s keeping his income “on the D.L.” and isn’t going to buy anything frivolously. But, that doesn’t mean Carlo can’t continue to save his money so an Oculus VR headset becomes far less frivolous.


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