RING in 2024 with the Goal of Health and Learning

RING in 2024 with the Goal of Health and Learning



New beginnings often inspire setting goals, committing to change, or employing new habits. Are you feeling renewal as we begin 2024? Is there a transformation or ritual that you would like to create in your life this year?

Writing goals down daily can be so helpful as it stimulates the mind to focus on the desired outcome. If walking 5 days a week is the aim, then starting each morning, or ending each day with writing that down (along with the reasons why and how it will feel to complete the daily task) will move the motivation meter exponentially.

Is putting together an estate plan or learning about patient advocacy for parents or learning how to pay for senior living on the list of what you would like to achieve? We invite you to attend our free monthly seminars where we bring professionals to you to deliver top level information about a variety of topics, which are designed to inspire adults to create solid plans for their health, finances, and legacy.

FREE seminar: On January 25th, we are excited to launch the new year with our first seminar: Kick Off 2024 with Fun Healthy Habits! Oceana Berry, Personal Trainer, and Health Coach will ignite your transition from a winter slumber and holiday epicurean stupor to infusing you with positive and exhilarating energy, and information, which will set you on a successful path to achieving your health and fitness goals in 2024.


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