Saving a few bucks is just the beginning

Saving a few bucks is just the beginning


How shifting energy benefits us all.

Have you ever heard that expression strength in numbers? It’s true. Everything gets better when we work together. Like during Peak Time Events.

There are typically around 12 events per year, usually on days when there’s high demand for energy, like on hot days.  And they’re the perfect opportunity for you to save some money by simply shifting when you use energy.

Now, you might think that’s not a very big deal. But by joining all the others who are participating, it helps bring more sustainable resources into the mix and (this is pretty cool) last summer this community shifted enough energy to power approximately 17,000 homes  per event. Yes, per event!

So, as anyone who’s ever hosted a dinner party will tell you, it’s a lot better when everyone brings something to share.  Great things can happen when we use the power of the community.

  • Easy ways to shift energy
  • Easy rewards for doing it.

Whether you want to shift energy to save a few bucks or help usher in the clean energy future, we’ve got a couple of great programs that’ll make it easy to do both.


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