See and Share Joy, Look up from the screen a little more

See and Share Joy, Look up from the screen a little more

When a student asked professor and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel about peace, he answered that it happened through “small, modest, human encounters.”  If we pay increased attention to dramatic headlines and internet noise, our minds may focus on the negative, and our attitudes towards others can become bitter.  Yet, when we look up and out from the screen, we find the sky isn’t falling after all.

We see neighbors chatting with neighbors, strangers smiling at each other, and children exploring their surroundings with wide eyed wonder.  According to recent studies, the simple act of smiling or saying “Hello,” to another person not only enriches our sense of connection, but can also have health benefits, including lowering blood pressure and mitigating stress.

Beaverton is rich with the beauty of nature, a vibrant food and cultural scene, and an invisible powerful spirit of charity towards others.  Harmony and joy don’t come from dwelling on what’s wrong with our world. Instead, it comes from daily acts of hospitality and face to face friendliness our area is known for.  This summer let’s get off our screens and enjoy the abundance of small, modest, human encounters we are blessed to see and share every day.

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