See the Far East in all its splendor

See the Far East in all its splendor

Asia Cruise

Asia is a cruise destination with a fascinating history and rich cultures. Best of all, most of the major cruise lines will now take you there to see the Far East in all its splendor. You can go to Asia for the scenic beauty of the cliffs of Ha Long Bay, the ancient wonders of China, or the beautiful palaces of Bangkok – whatever your reason, just go!

Asia cruise itineraries provide a convenient way to see more of the Far East from the convenience of your ship. Each day in port will bring unforgettable adventures in cities like Singapore, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong and many more. Walk through immaculate Asian gardens, shop for handmade crafts in local markets, pay your respects to Buddha or just sit back and take in the marvelous views. Sailing on a cruise, you’re free to explore Asia however you see fit.

Are you ready to take a cruise through the Far East on their remarkable Asia cruise itineraries? With itineraries spotlighting India, the Far East and Southeast Asia, you’ll have your pick of memorable things to do at each port of call. For example, you could view the multi-cultural architecture of Vietnam on a rickshaw tour, marvel at the terraced rice fields of Bali, or explore the golden structures and green gardens of Bangkok’s Royal Palace. Featured below are a few of the best ways to spend your time when cruising through Asia on a cruise. See the map to take a peek at a sample routing.

Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Bangkok, Thailand)

Visit the sacred Wat Phra Kaew temple, one of the most revered in Thailand, and stare up at the Emerald Buddha. This impressive religious monument was created from a solid block of jade and sits upon a throne in a room so ornate that has to be seen to be believed.

Hong Kong Harbor Tour (Hong Kong)

Board an authentic junk boat to take in one of the most magnificent city views in the world. For a higher perspective, hike or ride to the top of Victoria Peak and enjoy the one-of-a-kind views from high above this modern city.

Ho Chi Ming City (Vietnam)

Discover the rich heritage of Saigon and the Mekong Delta. Admire the city’s lovely pagodas, colonial architecture and broad boulevards. Drink in the exquisite beauty of Ha Long Bay with it breathtaking limestone islands.

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