Seeing changes in loved ones during the holidays

Seeing changes in loved ones during the holidays



Here are a few tips


As we approach the holiday season, people are hitting the road or taking to the skies to visit family.

Maybe it’s just been a few months, or maybe it’s been since this time last year that you last saw an aging loved one.

But it’s common at this time of year for family members to notice drastic changes in a loved one since the last time they’d been together.

That might include decreased mobility, more difficulty completing tasks, or increased forgetfulness.


If you find yourself seeing noticeable changes in a loved one, here are a few tips:

  • Walk through their home and discreetly look for signs of neglect or safety hazards. Offer to help with minor home repair items and discuss any large projects they may need.
  • Don’t panic about forgetfulness – anyone can misplace keys. But take note if they’re struggling to remember the names of loved ones or details you know should be top of mind.
  • Have a private conversation away from others – ask if they find they’re having difficulty with any tasks. Listen before dictating your concerns.


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