Self-care tips for Valentine’s Day and beyond: Treat yourself to some TLC

Self-care tips for Valentine’s Day and beyond: Treat yourself to some TLC



As February files in, and companies like Hallmark and See’s Candy churn out pretty cards and packages for all things Valentine’s Day, we here at Good Samaritan Ministries know that sometimes, when our own tanks are empty, it can be hard to appreciate and show love to others.

So, whether you are single, in a relationship, or simply want to treat yourself to some TLC (so that you can effectively pour that same energy out to others), we have you covered with 4 ways you can pamper, appreciate, and bestow love on yourself this Valentine’s Day… and beyond!


A Gift for One –

Put together a care package for yourself (items may include your favorite snack or beverage, a book, candles, slippers, etc). Keep this package somewhere handy and “treat” yourself with these items on days when you need a pick me up.


  • Write a Love Letter to Yourself – Write down all the things you appreciate about yourself: your cute smile or creativity maybe? Whatever it is, write it down and keep this letter somewhere handy for days when you’re needing a reminder of just how awesome you really are.
  • Make (or order) Your Favorite Meal – Enjoying your favorite meal is a great way to comfort, nourish and treat yourself at the same time. So, throw on some tunes, gather your ingredients (or jump on your favorite food delivery app), and get ready to indulge in some delicious self-care.
  • Boost Your Mood with Flowers – Give yourself a boost by selecting your favorite blooms and making a festive arrangement for your eyes to feast on each day.


Last but not least

And lastly, don’t think that you have to wait for a special occasion to treat and show appreciation for yourself and others. Every day is a great day to spread and receive love!


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